Additional Save Marriage Articles

Menopause and Midlife Crisis in Marriage

Middle-age is a tough time for a married woman. As a woman approaches the age of 50, a lot of troubling questions plague her mind. Most commonly, women in midlife crisis are wondering what’s in store for them in the “bigger world”. Many contemplate divorcing their way out of their seemingly dreary married lives. At […]

What is a Good Wife?

A good wife, they say, is priced above rubies; she is the joy of her husband and pride of her home. She is a dream weaver and a home builder. She exudes charm, poise, elegance, strength, resilience, confidence and grace. A good wife knows how to keep her home in shape with the right actions […]

General Marriage Saving Tips

What does usually happen if the magical sweet moments fade away and you are faced with the reality of your “I do’s”? A lot of couples undergo the same phases as you have. Sometimes your spouse does a thing that hurts you and vice versa. You might feel that he or she does not understand […]

Prayer to Save a Marriage

A prayer to save a marriage can be a very powerful force in overcoming obstacles to a happy relationship. Invoke healing prayers to soothe your soul, increase strength to forgive, enhance loving energy, and ask for guidance for both you and your spouse. Prayer to Save a Marriage 1 For Strength for Forgiveness and Renewal […]