General Marriage Saving Tips

General Marriage Saving Tips

What does usually happen if the magical sweet moments fade away and you are faced with the reality of your “I do’s”?

A lot of couples undergo the same phases as you have. Sometimes your spouse does a thing that hurts you and vice versa. You might feel that he or she does not understand you and that it ends up with an argument, yelling, crying, resentments, and eventually leaving the house.

I tell you, my friend, separation, divorce, or annulment is not the answer. You do not need to leave the house, you have to face the ups-and-downs of marriage. Learning to deal with the difficulties makes a marriage more worthwhile and rewarding.

The following are some suggestions to work on your marriage before it is too late:

Identify the problem

Figuring out the source of misunderstandings is not that easy. Sometimes in the process of identifying the problem, you enumerate mistakes until you both end up digging past errors. Be fair and honest during this phase. Discuss things gently and avoid raising your voice. If you can’t hold your anger, take a deep breath, walk away a little, and compose yourself.

Lovers’ Time Out

When you get married, it does not mean you should put an end to what you, as a couple, do when you were still boyfriend-girlfriend. After a week of tough work, you both deserve a Saturday night out with friends, enjoying a party, or watching movies. Relax and savor the bonding moment with your partner. You will go home holding each other’s hands. It revitalizes your relationship.

Empathic Communication

Conflicts and differences are best dealt with effective non-confrontational communication. Your anger, irritations, worries, and disagreements should be expressed but in an empathic manner. Pros and cons sounds conventional but it still works today. Meet halfway with your partner and make a reasonable and fair deal.


Saying sorry does not make you a weaker person or the defeated party. If you had recognized your mistake that sparked the argument, then you owe your partner an apology. Stop playing dumb as if you do not know what the hell just had happened.

Don’t forget, Acknowledge Your Partner’s Best Traits

If there is one thing you should do, that is to acknowledge your partner’s best assets. Admiration and recognition of one’s achievements means a lot in a marital partnership.

Family is the main priority when you are at home and work should be left at the workplace. Have time to ask each other’s day. Be happy with your partner in every accomplishment. Empathize and console if there are setbacks.

Being married is full of trials—that is a fact. It is about how you handle your marriage crises and other related difficulties. It is very important to handle things with patience and love. In the long run, you will find happiness and absolute marital bliss.

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