Why Interracial Marriages Fail

Interracial Marriage – Why Is It So Difficult?

Interracial marriages are still associated with many stereotypes and clichéd beliefs. Many people have difficulties accepting such love stories. Social pressure and various factors will certainly challenge these marriages.

Some of the most common interracial marriage problems and challenges are caused by precisely by these trite social values and norms. These include open insults and hostility, a sense of rejection or isolation, unrealistic expectations and even racism.

Here is a list of the problems that may interfere with the happiness of interracial relationships and perhaps end interracial marriages.

Dealing with Cultural Background Differences
Cultural background differences is a given in interracial marriages. People that come from very dissimilar backgrounds will find it difficult to agree on the upbringing of children and on how the household operates.

Statistics show that interracial marriages have a higher rate of divorce than same-race couples. The trend is particularly true for marriages that involve a Caucasian wife and an African-American husband. In the latter’sinstance, divorce is two times more likely than in the case of a same-race marriage.

Although the situation has become a bit different for younger individuals, the difference in cultural background is still playing a crucial role. Very often, partners are incapable of handling differences in a productive manner, especially when family influence is involved. Such external pressures can often cause the end of the interracial marriage.

Racism and Social Isolation
People in interracial marriages will often suffer from relative social disapproval. The social isolation and prejudice have the power to interfere with even the strongest of love.

Some reports claim that the percentage of interracial marriages in any society is a good indicator of how tolerant or racist this society is. Unfortunately, the percentage of interracial marriages remains a small one. Although the number has increased in the US, it is still a minor portion.

Statistics show that only 3.9 percent of the new marriages in 2008 were interracial. According to the United States Census Bureau, White Americans are the people least likely to enter an interracial marriage. Only 2.1 percent of the White women and 2.3 percent of the White men have a spouse from another race. These statistics show how conservative White Americans tend to be. It is a strong indication of racist sentiments, as well.

Is It Really Love?
Intriguing studies show that interracial marriage problems may result from the wrong reasons that make people join such a union. Very often, it is not love for the person rather than the attraction to something different, something unusual.

People do enter an interracial marriage with the intention of being different and rebelling against society. As time passes, the relationship begins to fail since the two people get to know each other better and understand that the decision was wrong.

Nevertheless, statistics about interracial marriages show a positive trend. The number of such marriages has increased significantly since the 70s. Still, people willing to enter such a marriage will have to deal with both internal and external issues. Understanding these difficulties and willing to work on the relationship are both essential for its success.

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