Marriage Advice For Newlyweds

Marriage Advice For Newlyweds – It’s Funny Because It’s True!

You’ve exchanged your vows, celebrated a perfect wedding day, relaxed on a beautiful honeymoon — now what? Well, now comes reality for you, the “happy couple”. To avoid the “I Do” turning into “I Don’t”, there is marriage advice for newlyweds I would like to share with you, to ensure the marital bliss never ends.

First, choose your battles. Is the position of a toilet seat lid that important to your overall happiness? Perhaps, in a man’s defense, he finds it rather annoying having to stoop over to put the lid up! The point is that you are both humans, with adorable traits (the reasons you fell in love). But to be honest, sometimes either one of you will exhibit some habits and personality traits that aren’t very cute, too. Give each other some slack and find humor in your differences.

Second on the list, never blame a woman’s tears on hormones. Hear that guys? Women do cry and tend to be more emotional than men. You’ve heard the explanations before where men hold feelings inside and women show them. The absolute worst thing you can do, unless you enjoy sleeping on a sofa, is to dismiss a woman’s feelings and blame the tears on hormones. Her feelings are real. Sometimes hormones might make her feel more emotional than on other days, but the message is still the same, no matter how it is presented. Your best action is to grab the kleenex box and show empathy. Trust me on this one.

Third, she will take up more closet space. This one won’t bother a new groom very much because typically he doesn’t have as much in the clothing and shoe department as his lovely bride. And gentlemen, while we’re talking about clothing, it wouldn’t hurt you to buy a new t-shirt or pair of shoes once-in-awhile. Maybe your favorite shoes are worn-in and comfortable, but women do like to see you in something different at least once a month.

Fourth, men do procrastinate. It isn’t intentional, they just don’t have the sense of immediacy that women tend to have. When a new bride tells her husband the doorknob is jiggling, that is a sign to take action in the near future, or acknowledge it at best. Don’t think by not acting on it that it will go away. Women keep lists of things to do. If you ignore all of the chores, one day you will be presented with a list of all the things you procrastinated about! Best to tackle projects as they come up.

Finally, the in-laws. You didn’t just marry each other, you adopted a whole new family full of people you may or may not like. Be prepared at holidays and gatherings to keep a smile on your face when your mother-in-law asks why you need to have a job outside of the home or your father-in-law asks when you’re going to get a real haircut. They are your family now. Glance across the room at one another, take a deep breath, and remember that you are a team – and your love will get you through anything.

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