Marriage Tips and Advice | 3 Pitfalls of Relationships

Marriage Tips and Advice – 3 Relationship Pitfalls You Should Avoid

Are you one of those people who feel that marriage is like walking on eggshells?

One wrong step and you will have a huge gooey mess. That might be the case if you are in a shaky marital relationship. However, if your marriage is strong and full of love and understanding, there is almost nothing you can do that can damage your marriage.

Whatever your case may be, it is best to know the blunders to make in any marriage. Think that you don’t need it? Feel that your marriage is just perfect? Well, okay. I’m glad you feel that way but do not get too overconfident because, as perfect as you might think your marriage is, it is still all about continuous compromise and constantly understanding your partner.

If you want to make your marriage to work or save your relationship before it’s too late, avoid these pitfalls because too many couples fall into traps such as these:

Emotional Mind Games and Power Play

Why people do this? Simple. It all boils down to our deep-seated insecurities and the desire to feel needed and loved. We like to feed our egos and cater to our pride. For these reasons, we “power play” and try to manipulate emotions. Doing this is flirting with disaster.

Playing mind games and emotional manipulation will make any marriage problematic. No one wants to be played or manipulated. Making your spouse jealous to rouse a reaction will not make your marriage problems go away. It will just aggravate the situation.

For strong and healthy marriages, these fun and games are exactly like that—just the spice of married life. But marriages during testy times should avoid these games. Honesty and empathy are virtues that should be put to work before anything else.

Aloofness, Indifference, and Withholding Emotions

Communication is essential for a relationship to work. So what do you think will happen if you distance yourself and your emotions to your spouse. Realize that not communicating at all is just as bad as miscommunication. You cannot determine the solution if you do not recognize the problem. After all, you and your spouse are not mind-readers. It may get emotionally distressing but solutions start with communication.

Other people hide their real emotions because they feel that showing them (especially to their spouse) is a mark of weakness. They would rather appear unaffected and take comfort into thinking that they are winning “the battle”. This will result in more emotional distance and absence of affection. In the end, if allowed to go on like this, everyone loses.

Insensitivity and Tactlessness

Hiding sentiments is bad for your marriage but opening up your emotions without considering the feelings of your spouse is destructive to say the least. Recognize that you can still vent up your resentments without showing rage and being hurtful.

Avoid being mean and judgmental as it will only worsen the situation. If you are extremely angry, breathe and keep yourself together before saying something to your spouse. Every hurtful word you put across pushes you further away from each other.

These are the pitfalls of relationships. If you are making these mistakes with your spouse, it is imperative that you should stop so can still save your marriage.

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