How to Deal with Mother-in-law Marriage Problems

Mother-in-law Marriage Problems – Dealing with it the right way

When you marry someone, you not only marry the person you are involved with, but you also marry your partner’s family, as well. For many couples, the tricky relationship between the mother-in-law can cause a huge amount of strain on a relationship.

As much as 60% of women and their mothers-in-law have problems, while only 15% of men and their mothers-in-law have stated having strained relationships. While many people feel that the relationship with their in-laws should not have an impact on their relationship with their partner, it often does cause conflict in a marriage.

While you may have mother-in-law problems, it does not necessarily mean that your relationship with your mother-in-law has to have a negative impact on your marriage. Whether you feel that your mother-in-law is still in control of your partner’s life or that she is overly critical of the way you keep your household or raise your children, there are other ways you can deal with the issue.

When you want to fix the tumultuous relationship with your mother-in-law, you have to make an effort. While it may not always be easy swallowing your pride and ignoring underhanded remarks, sometimes it is best to just ignore hurtful words. Another way you can try to salvage your relationship with her is by sitting down and having a talk with her. Be honest and tell her why you feel upset. Having a talk with your mother-in-law does not mean you have to be mean, rude or say hurtful things. Instead, approach the matter the way an adult should by being respectful and speaking from the heart.

Your partner should also get involved in matter. If your partner has kept quiet about things that your mother-in-laws says or does, ask him to have a talk with his mother. Another way your partner can get involved in creating a healthier relationship with his mother is by keeping her up-to-date on your lives. Often, many mothers-in-law simply feel left out or like they are not part of your life. Simply sending an email or giving her a call on the phone can be enough to ensure that she does not feel left out of your lives.

There are a number of reasons why your mother-in-law may act the way she does. One major reason may be because she feels as though her advice is worthless. Many couples who are new to parenting struggle with their in-laws and parents over how to raise children. While you may not believe that the way your mother-in-law raised her children is correct, you have to remember that she is most likely trying to give you advice when she says something about how you raise your children, and not necessarily trying to criticize your parenting skills.

Dealing with your mother-in-law can be a struggle. While you may like her, it can often be difficult to not feel criticized. However, when you put down your defenses, and make an effort to improve your relationship with her, you may realize that she was acting that way for other reasons.

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