Help and Tips to Save Marriage

How to save your marriage and avoid divorce

Do you still remember when you had fallen in love with your spouse? It was a very strong and intense feeling, right? It almost felt that you can and will do anything just to be with the person you adore.

Now, let’s take a look at the complete opposite of that passionate feeling.

Some married couples will experience hardships that will truly test their relationship. Not surprisingly, many might fail that test or begin to contemplate about having a divorce. The emotional effects and intensity of divorce—or at least on the brink of having one—is as strong as the love you once felt. You might give in to the thought of ending your marriage but before calling it quits, save your marriage first. You owe to yourself and your spouse

save marriage

Couples that bicker and suffer from a troubled marriage have the tendency to look at past mistakes made by their partners. This will only lead to a relationship full of resentment and hostility. In order to forgive, a person should forget. The past is history and the most important thing is NOW! The only way to survive a marriage ravaged by blunders and infidelity is to commit to move forward without thinking about the things that hurt you.

Our attitude of always having to “win” makes it difficult for us to forgive our partners. It is not about “winning” because “winning” could mean “losing your marriage”. Let me make it clear that that forgiving your partner (even he or she has done a serious fault) does not make you weaker. Forgiving actually means that you are strong because you have endured the hurt and looked beyond the mistakes. You have the exceptional strength to let natural love heal your relationship with your partner.

It is our expectations about the relationship that generally screw up our marriage. Do you know why? It is because we tend to be unrealistic with our expectations. More often than not, our expectations are different to our spouse’s and this causes conflict which may completely derail the whole promise of marriage into oblivion.

Ladies, if you married a man who has been a football fanatic since high school, don’t expect him to give up his Sunday football habit to go shopping the entire day with you. You must learn to compromise and embrace his passion for other things. This also goes to husbands, you cannot stop your wives from being too meticulous with organization and home decorations. Some women also love fashion so don’t expect them to suddenly give up those things just because they tied the knot with you.

Keep in mind that you can’t change your spouses and having relationship is not about changing your partners but all about understanding and compromise. Always set realistic expectations to prevent you and your spouse from a world of disappointment.

Compromise and forgiveness are the keys for a long-lasting and happy marriage. If some things in your marriage have gone gravely wrong, keep in mind that it’s never too late to restore that once loving relationship.

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