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Ending An Affair Before It Even Starts

Is my husband having an affair?
Is my wife seeing someone else?

Problems in your marriage don’t just appear all of sudden. They have been there for a very long time but were “nothing” at first. Unfortunately, you and your spouse nurture these tiny issues which made the problems seriously damaging. As an effect, these issues slowly grew to become more noticeable as you go along with your married relationship.

Complacency and avoidance of the problems may evade hasty arguments but the issues remains being fed and they eventually blow up in your face. For example, it is a dangerous thing to assume that your marriage is immune to infidelity. Even the most faithful person can be driven to cheat given the right circumstances.

Never disregard the fact that the probability of cheating increases when your marriage is in trouble. For instance, if your relationship lacks intimacy, your spouse could be tempted to find it somewhere else. Intimacy issues water the seeds of infidelity.

Needless to say, the cheating partner will go through great lengths to hide the affair. Cheaters find comfort in their affairs because it recaptures the feeling they once felt when they were with their “real” partners.

Statistically, cheating mostly results when a distressed partner vents out his or her marital frustrations to the opposite sex. Even when both individuals are not initially interested to get involved in an affair, the developed intimacy between two persons can be enough to push them to enter the adulterous mistake.

Communication problems between married couples open the gates of infidelity. It is very easy to blame that the act of cheating is the cause of your marriage to fall apart but truth be told, the problem goes deeper than infidelity. The root cause is the lack of proper communication and intimacy.

It all starts when couples begin to argue a lot or become indifferent. Arguments usually end up in hurtful insults and do not settle differences. Sometimes, indifference is even worse because couples turn a blind eye to their marital crisis. They may appear that they don’t care because they don’t talk each other but in reality, the couple is hurting and continue doing things that hurt each other.

Think about it. Why had you fallen in love with your spouse in the first place? It was because of the intimacy you once had and the feelings you had constructively shared. Do you still remember that you could talk about just anything without hurtfully arguing? You once had a reasonable mind and an understanding heart.

Perhaps you have lost that crucial element in your relationship.

The good news is that you can bring that constructive communication back to your marriage. Bringing that back may fix your marriage and even heal deep wounds of infidelity.

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