Save Marriage From Affair | How to Deal with an Affair

Save Marriage From Affair

Do you want to save your marriage from an affair?

Whether you are the one who had an affair or the one who had been cheated on, you may still feel that your marriage is still worth saving.

More often than not, extra-marital affairs are just manifestations of a problematic marriage. It is a strong indicator that your relationship with your spouse is in dire need of fixing. It could be that your partnership is losing intimacy or having communication problems. That affair just came into place because you and your spouse have not done something to resolve the issues.

What if I tell you that “extra-marital affairs” can actually become marriage-savers.

Read on so you will know what I am getting into…

Cheating in marriage is never encouraged.  If you have cheated on your spouse, whether out of spite or frustration, it is still one of the most hurtful things that you can do to your partner. But the discovery of an affair can be catalyst of change.

Truth be told, infidelity can completely destroy a marriage but if both parties put things into perspective and actually learn why it happened, it can be the beginning of a more meaningful and wonderful marriage. The healing process can be tough but if the couple is able to manage, forgive, forget, and learn from it, the husband and wife will have a stronger bond.

We often consider that in every infidelity, there is a cheater and a victim. The one who had the affair is often castigated and the other is often seen as the righteous party. But it is not simply always the case because the chances are, it is not really the affair that caused the problem in the said marriage—it is something deeper.

Cheaters are not necessarily the villains and they can still be considered as victims. Many of them are actually sorry that it they had resorted to that act. They feel miserable because they know that they are looking for something they once had in their marriage. Cheaters think that they can find it by having an affair with someone else but deep inside, they know their marriage is a better place if they can only make it work.

How to deal with affair and how to make the discovery a catalyst for marital healing

First things first, the infidelity is done. As the one being cheated on, you only have two options:

–           Sulk in resentment and get divorced or …

–          Forgive to start healing the marriage

Your marriage is still worth a shot. Forgive your spouse wholeheartedly; never accuse or blame and take responsibility. Understand why your spouse cheated on you. You could be emotionally absent all these years and your spouse just wanted someone to be intimate with.  There could be dozens of reasons. You just need to open-minded.

On the other hand, the spouse who had been involved in an affair should recognize his or her weakness. The adulterer must be willing to disclose all the details of his affair and agree to new degrees of openness. He or she should be remorseful and should try to make amends by giving full commitment and warmth to the marital relationship.

Spouses should always have open communication and must only think of how they can improve their marriage despite the damage of infidelity. It can be quite test for both but with the right language techniques and emotional control, it can be done.

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