How to be a good wife

What is a Good Wife?

A good wife, they say, is priced above rubies; she is the joy of her husband and pride of her home. She is a dream weaver and a home builder. She exudes charm, poise, elegance, strength, resilience, confidence and grace.

A good wife knows how to keep her home in shape with the right actions and the right words and tries to harmonize the needs of each member of her family to fit with hers.

What are the qualities of a good wife?

Strength of character – a good wife displays an undying passion for the people in her lives; she believes in the people she loves and works with them to achieve their dreams. She is independent, possesses a great sense of direction and sacrifices when the need to is right and earnest. She is kind but firm. She is slow to judge, fair in criticism and schooled in the art of diplomacy.

Tact – a good wife understands the need to apply sensitivity in delicate situations without being unnecessarily harsh, unfair or prejudiced. She also knows how to send her message cross without stepping on toes or hurting the feelings of others

Resilience – the ability to weather every storm and stay strong in the face of distress is an enviable quality of a good wife. That said, a good wife knows when to pull the plug on physically, mentally or emotionally abusive situations and events. This is necessary to safeguard all involved and prevent avoidable casualties.

Independence – a good wife can stand on her own feet without alienating the needs and interests of her family. She can be counted on to make things happen even when resources are not enough or when situations are limiting. She is not afraid to pursue her dreams or develop her talents.

Selflessness – a good wife must be ready to make sacrifices when the need arises. She must not be self-centered and indifferent. She may also need to learn how to compromise when circumstances absolutely demand it. A good wife creates time for her loved ones and contributes to the success of their dreams and endeavors without totally ignoring or burying her own needs. She knows how to juggle the balance to keep all things at par.

Elegance – a good wife is not a careless talker; she knows when to talk and how to talk. She carries herself with dignity and grace and displays a keen sense of good judgment. A good wife learns to avoid brashness or lewdness in public.

Partnership – a good wife also understands the need for partnership in her personal life. She does not shortchange or sidetrack her family when making life changing decisions. She understands the benefits of teamwork and is ready to listen to the opinions of her loved ones.

Love and affection – a good wife cherishes the people in her lives. She appreciates their personalities and differences. She is unbiased and not judgmental. Rather, she gently guides each person and encourages them to be the best they can be. She is her family’s cheerleader and greatest supporter.

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